About Me

Why feliciabobs? Bob is a nickname my high school friends gave me, and many of my friends still know me as Bob till today!

A Singaporean girl with a local appetite and an international sense of adventure, suffering from a severe case of wanderlust.

I am not the most adventurous, nor am I courageous or frugal. I enjoy the everyday adventures that one can encounter on vacation, in the most convenient way possible. I spend when necessary (or deemed necessary), and give in to little luxuries along the way, because that is what makes me human. I am no travel or photography expert, but I would like to share my experiences in the form of travel diaries and guides, for fellow wanderers to refer to with ease. I have seen quite a few places, but not as many as I would like. The world is constantly evolving, and even if I have seen somewhere before, it will never remain the same. I will never tire of being blown away by what the world has to offer.

Check out my instagram feed at http://instagram.com/feliciatqs and my tumblr at voilemyheart.tumblr.com!


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