2015 in Retrospection


It amazes me how drastically different my life can be in just a span of 365 days. I remember feeling depressed on NYE 2014, that the year ahead seemed bleak. Life as a corporate slave was boring to say the least, and my wings were locked tight by the chains of responsibility and sense. I was reeling from the effects of being a working member of the society, foreign to the concepts of annual leave and workplace visibility. To me then, there were no happy milestones in the foreseeable future.

But today, NYE 2015, I can surely say that my year has been nothing short of fantastic.

Whatever it is you’re seeking won’t come in the form you’re expecting.
― Haruki Murakami

There were moments this year, when I felt minuscule and complete insignificance. It was like an existential crisis. I walked around in circles endlessly, unable to find the gap within the mazes I holed myself up in. There is more to life than this, was a recurring thought that gave me many sleepless nights. 

Then things fell into place, piece by piece.

I am thankful for my old and new jobs, for the things I have learnt and will be learning. Thankful for the opportunities that came my way, both by effort and luck. Thankful for my family who stood by me with necessary criticism and support. Thankful for my body, for staying healthy despite a year of drinking and little exercise. Thankful for my numerous mentors in life, guiding me in career, religion, and so on. Thankful for heartbreak, for renewed independence and fortitude. Thankful for the trips I have made and returned safely from. Thankful for colleagues, that make waking up on rainy weekday mornings so much easier. Thankful for music, for being my escape in such a noisy world.

Thankful for my friends, old, new, and renewed, who listen to my rants and worries, who see the world with me, who are my moral compasses, who show me that I deserve more, who hold me tight when I cry, who are genuinely proud of my achievements, who give me honest advice, who bear with my mistakes and faults, and most importantly, who make me laugh.

As someone dear once quoted; In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.

2016 will be phenomenal.

Song of the year: You & I – Local Natives (Live from Spotify Stockholm)




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