Photo Diary: Christmas in Prague









Second time in Prague. First time was an utter mess, but this time it was Christmas. The festive atmosphere was contagious; the Square was converted into a carnival-esque Christmas fair, with food stalls, street performers, and souvenir shops. The weather was slightly warmer, perhaps by the fires burning away at the legs of ham, or the hustling bustling crowd. For some reason, the touristy areas were less busy than I remembered, and we could stroll around at ease.

Anyway I would like to take the chance to reminisce and thank my dear parents for being angels to travel with. Sometimes it isn’t easy to travel with parents, especially as they get older. I find it hard to get used to the fact that I have to be the one in charge now, and I never realised how difficult taking care of others during a holiday can be. It can get frustrating, having to make the right call and decision, accommodating them due to their age, and just reorganizing your schedule to suit their needs. But I will never forget how tediously they took care of me when I was a kid, and I wish I could do better.

Although I spent the festive season away from my friends back home, I never regretted and will always be thankful for this long trip with them. It is their graduation trip as much as mine 🙂



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  1. coffee&twigs says:

    Absolutely stunning! Your parents are so cute!

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