Photo Diary: MoMA


We went to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) after our fantastic Katz lunch. Modern Art? Really not for me. Not sure what is the big deal about a bunch of fluorescent lights put together, or empty frames, or mirrors. I mean, I understand that art only really starts to make sense usually after the artist is dead. But there is only so much bullshit you can craft out of a mirror?

The description went like:”A depiction of the constant undulating force of life, this artwork manifests and morphs with every viewer. A reflection of their sense of reality, it aims to create a sense of awareness and heightened perception of their surroundings and personal self.”

See, even I can bullshit.

Another one depicted big ass rough crayon sketches and paint splashes, depicting children’s artwork. And the description went like:”A mimic of the children’s paintings, the artist aims to carry across the innocence and naivety of our young and the workings in their untainted mind as they portray the complicated and intricate world the adults perceive in simple strokes of shockingly honest clarity.”

I should do this for a living.

Anyway I’m not trying to undermine the great works of these artists. I am sure they are all very talented individuals, and the profundity is beyond a mere mortal like me. And although I say that these pieces seem way too simple, I will probably not be able to replicate them.

It’s just… almost a little too pretentious even for a museum. But hey, what do I know?

Anyway, after a long walk around the museum, we settled down for some coffee, which the waitress spilled on me. So we got free cookies! Yay to awesome service.


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  1. coffee&twigs says:

    What’s funny is, looking at your photos I was thinking ‘Oh wow, that modern art looks cooler than I normally think it is.’ And then I got to your description…
    But still! Your photos make it all look pretty awesome

    1. feliciatqs says:

      Thank you, you are very kind!

      And yes, for entertainment purposes, I will still recommend the MoMA, there are some really stunning pieces in there! But I still prefer the MET though 🙂

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