Photo Diary: Tiny European Towns

After more than a month of trawling through the European countryside, all the towns seem to merge together in one blurry cobblestoned mess. As much as I love to spend more than enough time in each town and city, some of them are so dropdeadboring that it is a waste of time and accommodation costs.

In the photos above, I was in Bruges and Maastricht. Bruges has been touted as a gorgeous town, and it is! But it is small af, and honestly, it looks the same as every other small town in Europe. Canals, old town central, cobblestones, quaint houses, horse carriages for tourists, and most of Germany/Netherlands/Belgium/Austria, schnitzel. Non-stop-shnitzel.

Perhaps I was suffering from travel lethargy at that point in time, or I am being insufferable by saying I have seen all that before. Maybe because it was winter and I was a grumpy old cat. But those are some towns I will probably never visit again.

Oh but I stumbled upon this pie shop in Maastricht that was simply excellent. The tartness of the fruits cut through any sweetness in the pie, and the crust was crusty (?) to perfection. Damn, I could do with one right now.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. noplaradio says:

    it looks like I would go for the pie alone, haha!

    1. feliciatqs says:

      that would be a good plan 😉

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