Photo Diary: Arashimaya Bamboo Forest (Day 8)

Finally we are visiting the famous Arashimaya bamboo forest! Our plans to wake up early and beat the crowds were unfortunately thwarted by the sleepy god, so by the time we reached the town, it was close to noon. The photos speak for themselves. We explored away from the common paths, even losing our ways amongst the fields and had to seek help from locals to direct us back to civilisation. It was a rather hot day, but under the cool shade of the bamboo canopy, it was still a nice retreat away from the hustle and bustle.

When traveling with friends or family, it is always important that you are traveling with people you have similar travel frequencies with. By that, I mean the way you like your holidays to be must be to the same tune, if not there will definitely be conflicts. Do you prioritise a packed and fulfilling itinerary over an enjoyable pace of sightseeing, or do you prefer to splurge on food and save on accommodation? Things like that are often the basis of conflict when you are traveling with a new partner/group.

I do not think I am an easygoing traveler; I fit in between a landmark-collecting tourist and a spontaneous roamer. Given my sometimes controlling personality (hahahah), I would rather make the decisions and do the planning then leave them in the hands of someone I cannot trust. Being spontaneous and visiting a town without prior planning is a scary thought to me, because I am particular about accommodation and cleanliness. However, I am willing to sacrifice a certain level of comfort for more affordable prices on certain days. I like to sightsee, but only to certain locations. Overly touristy landmarks are a turn off, because I simply cannot stand tourist crowds. If the person I am traveling with is too dependent on me to plan, I get frustrated. If the person I am traveling with is way too controlling, I get frustrated.

Damn, I am fussy. But hey, thats why when I find travel buddies i can really click with, I stick to them! And I am thankful I have these two to plan my annual getaways for the years and years to come 🙂


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