Photo Diary: A day in Milan

Sometime back, I flew to Milan to find a friend and attend Kodaline’s concert. The last time I was in Milan, it was in the height of summer and the heat was immense. Having heard many horror stories about how unsafe Italy can be, I was on my guard all the time. Tl:dr, I had a pretty bad impression of the city.

This time, it was December and chilly. The air was chilly and crisp, and the trees were lined with autumn colours. There were not as many people as I remembered, and the streets were filled with Christmas markets. The best thing was perhaps that I was with my friend who knew the city like the back of his hand (although we lost our way a few times). He brought me to the best gelato shop ever (chocolate taps that fill your cones with gooey chocolate before being topped with delicious gelato) and I had a really good and authentic Italian dinner too. And can I just say again, how beautiful autumn is.

Kodaline performed in a tiny bar along a dodgy alley. My view was blocked by a really tall Italian dude, but the music was good (: At 10 euros per ticket, it was quite a steal. And the next day I flew off back to Budapest.

I guess we are given that same luxury of city hopping in SEA, since so many of us fly to Bangkok or drive to Johor Bahru on a whim. I definitely wish I could fly to Europe on a whim though.


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