Photo Diary: Kichijōji and Satou Beef Balls (Day 4)

For our last day in Tokyo, I took the girls to one of my favourite neighbourhoods/parks; Kichijōji!

It has lots of pharmacies and local produce stores that’s great for doing your last minute shopping. I always get my supply of Japanese hair dyes and cosmetics there! It also has a lot of food choices, but my ultimate favourite is the Satou beef ball that is SO FREAKING GOOD. Made purely from premium beef, they fry that beef ball into this crispy juicy goodness. We bought a bento box, my favourite Ebi Burger (so much better than Singapore’s), and 4 of those beef balls, and headed out for a picnic at the Inokashira park!

Perfect weather, good food, and awesome company. We stopped by Muji for a bit and indulged in the free chops for a good hour, before heading for some pancakes.

And so concludes our last day in Tokyo! There is so much more to see and show the girls but I guess we should leave that for another trip! Off to Takayama! ❤


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