Photo Diary: Onuma Park in the Winter

We left Hakodate for Noboribetsu, and on the way there, we stopped by the Onuma Park. As you can see, the park transforms into a winter wonderland when covered in snow. A wide variety of winter activities are available as the many lakes are frozen solid, providing a great space for ice buggies, snow sleds, and ice fishing. The town and park were completely empty the day we visited due to the heavy thick snow falling. It added to the mystical effect, and I never had such an experience before. Not even in the northern parts of Sweden! Snow has a lovely blanketing effect on the environment, and the park was so tranquil it felt like I was transported to Narnia.

The park is a short walk from the town train station! Ask for directions if you are not sure, the locals are immensely helpful. Near the train station, there is a really famous Mochi shop that you can see from above. We tried the dual sweet and savoury version. I really loved the red bean! No extra preservatives or sweeteners, just good ol’ Azuki.

The Onuma Park is 20 minutes away from Hakodate. There are luggage lockers at the train station for you to deposit your luggage and explore the park for the afternoon, before continuing on your way to the rest of Hokkadio!


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  1. Shiori says:

    So beautiful! Wonderful photographs

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