Photo Diary: By the sea in Nice

Perhaps one of my favourite stops in France, Nice is a gorgeous little coastal town, the precise setting of how I imagined a European summer by the sea would be. Everywhere, everyone was dressed down and I felt like I was back in Singapore. The sea was invitingly cold and refreshing, the food was good, and the view gorgeous. We spent quite a few days there, just roaming along the promenade, eating late dinners in alfresco cafes, getting lost in the alleys, bruised up on the pebble beach, and loving every bit of that salty sea breeze.

When you visit the pebble beach, do bring your own towel (which can get quite filthy), as the pebbles are extremely uncomfortable to lie on. I bruise like a peach, and after falling asleep for half an hour on the beach, I had bruises on my back and legs. There are some really interesting women who tan way too much for their own good, and I spent quite a bit of the afternoon people-watching.

When I look at the photographs from Nice, I think of the song in Sweeney Todd, “By the Sea“.

By the sea, Mr. Todd, that’s the life I covet
By the sea, Mr. Todd, ooh, I know you’d love it
You and me, Mr. T, we could be alone
In a house what we’d almost own

Down by the sea, anything you say
Wouldn’t that be smashing?



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