Photo Diary: The Rich and Famous in Monaco

A day trip out to Monaco from Nice! The weather was fantastic, as you can see. Super sunny and I got a really odd tan from all the straps. Was joking that the dress would give me an Ironman-esque tan. Monaco is about an hour’s bus ride away from Nice, and you can catch the bus from near the pier! It is a long winding ride though, be prepared to get carsick. Once you reach Monaco, you will be blown away by how fancy everything is. The place screams extravagance, with the rows of private yachts, glittering sports cars, and ostentatious buildings. A little too touristy for my taste! We expected to spend the whole day there, but completed the area on foot in a few hours.

The little cove boasts really gorgeous views of the ocean though. And its amazing how this small little principality has maintained its sovereignty against the bigger players surrounding it, and has established a reputation that denotes luxurious (and unnecessary) living.

Definitely a good idea to stop by for a day trip from Nice! The bus ticket is really cheap but during the summer, you will have to squeeze with tons of other tourists which isn’t very pleasant. I could not find any restaurants that particularly tickled my fancy either, given how touristy and overpriced everything is in Monaco. If you are into gambling, do stop by the casino, but remember to dress up because they will turn you away if you are too shabby. My boyfriend was turned away for wearing berms, albeit dressy berms.


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