Photo Diary: In love with Santorini

I love Santorini, in the most ardent illogical way possible. Perhaps it is because of the expansive blue of the ocean surrounding the island, in such contrasts to the red and black volcanic rubble and stark whiteness of the towns. Perhaps it is because of the friendly smiles and homely service of the Greek islanders, always ready to make your trip that much better. Or maybe it is because of the unending sunshine that warms you up toasty after a swim in the cold cold ocean waters. Don’t even get me started on the delicious meals I have every day, all freshly made from island produce.

My Europe summer trip checked off many items on my bucket list, such as roaming the Vatican city, visiting Venice before it sinks, chasing lavender fields in Provence, and of course, visiting Santorini to see it for my own eyes. It was perhaps the pinnacle highlight of my trip, partly due to my 21st birthday, and just being on the island made me so happy every single day.

I will be back.


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