Photo Diary: Hello Sydney (Day 6)

I love blue skies, and silhouettes against the sun. I love skyscraper cityscapes and wispy clouds painted across the azure.

And I love Sydney.

I fell hard on the very first day.

Its a bit hasty to declare my affections but it is a really lovely place to be. There is that balance, that wonderful balance, between city life, culture, and natural beauty. The city is well connected with public transport and roads, well equipped with services and amenities, and well placed as an economic hub. Yet, the streets are trawling with character. Every turning brings about new surprises, every shop a different style. When I walked through the alleys in Sydney, I felt as if I was back on Charlotte Street in London, lined with the alfresco cafes, indie shops, and offices. And of course, the beautiful green spaces, parks, and beaches. Even though we were in the middle of winter, there were people lying on the grass with books in their hands or hats over their faces.

Waiting for our flight in the airport at Gold Coast; I think Khym and I were watching Jenna Marbles on youtube. What are this?

The plane flew low enough for me to capture some stunning photographs of the aerial view of terrains and mountains en route to Sydney. I was so excited to see this! The harbour and bridge from way above! Reminds me of those movie scenes that pan out of New York City with a narration in the background, circa Sex and the City.

Once we landed and checked into our apartment, we headed out for lunch! We stayed in a  cute apartment in Darlinghurst, with a rooftop pool and view of the harbour. There’s also a turf area, that serves as a trampoline which is really fun. The area has many restaurants and bars too! This restaurant is called Mad Pizza, it serves great pizza (duh) and pastas just round the corner from our apartment. We made friends with the bartender/waiter/manager, who told us to come back at night for crazy drinks. He’s only 21 (i think), from California, and has a degree in physics (i think). He worked a couple of years in Southeast Asia, before coming to Australia to wing it and be a bartender/surfer. Made us feel like a couple of overaged prudes with no sense of adventure, which we probably are.

Dave’s pizza, with ham, peppers, mushrooms, and onions! Really great, but the thing about eating a whole pizza by yourself is that by the time you get to the other end, its gone cold, and I don’t like cold pizza.

My pasta! I am not usually a fan of tomato base, but this is SO GOOD. Its not too tomato-y, with a tinge of creaminess. Perfectly seasoned, with super huge crunchy prawns. The serving is huge, but I almost finished it! So good, I dream about this sometimes.

Khym’s ravioli, that she really liked! She’s a fan of ravioli, like how I’m a fan of aglio olio.

We went back to Mad Pizza the next day for dinner, and the two of us ordered the same thing again, cause it was too good!

After lunch, we were all sleepy and went back to our apartment for a bit of researching before setting out in the late afternoon for a lazy walk to the harbour, which is when I fell hook, line, and sinker in love with Sydney. (Most of my Sydney photographs are unedited.)

As you can see, we walked quite a long while. We thought, hey since we can see the harbour from our roof, we should be able to get there in no time! We were WRONG. We got a little lost in the huge park too, which was the fastest way through towards the harbour and was closing in 5 minutes. As the sun was already setting and it was getting very dark, we were so scared we were going to be trapped inside the park. Not easy to run in heels too mind you, but I bore with it. Parks at night scare me (Home Alone jitters). We were getting worried when we got to two gates which were locked. Then we saw some headlights and the ranger came at us with a buggy and directed us towards the only exit left opened, which incidentally was the one leading to the harbour. Turns out there were quite a bunch of other retarded tourists ambling around too, though in the shadows they looked like zombies.

And so we saw Darling Harbour in the height of its happening-ness, being Saturday night, and the Sydney city skyline at night. I really love looking at city skylines, lit or against the setting sun. Probably said this a dozen times. The view from the helix bridge, or from the highway in Singapore, of the Marina Bay area is my favourite part of Singapore.

We took a bus back to our area from Darling Harbour, exhausted from the walk and excited to explore Sydney the next day.


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