Photo Diary: Movie World! (Day 3)

 As part of our Australia Adventures, we all agreed to visit at least one theme park (actually, I insisted). You see, the last time I visited, I was little and way too short to take any of the cool rides. The same thing happened for all the Disney and Universal Studios theme parks. That created a gaping hole in my confidence, and ever since, I had to make up for all of that by taking all the rides!

Kidding, I just really wanted to go.

Poor Khym is terrified of heights and roller coasters, but we made her go on every single one. Despite my enthusiasm, I am a real chicken when on the ride, and start becoming very verbally abusive to the people around me. But we overcame all of that as a team! The boys weren’t much help.

 All the theme parks in Gold Coast are accessible via the public bus, which you can take from the bus terminal by the mall. That’s way cheaper than arranging for a car pickup. Can you see the excitement in our faces??

It was a choice between Movie World and Dream World. I remember Dream World having more exciting rides, but Dave got so excited over the new Green Lantern, Arkham Asylum, and Superman rides that we decided to go to Movieworld instead! There were no queues, which I really love for theme parks. Seriously, nothing kills the buzz more than having to wait more than half an hour every single ride. Also, the grounds are so empty that you can actually see the decor and not milling crowds.

Posing with the props. Sometimes even more fun than the rides.

We were all a little shy about taking this photograph, because the other people in the queue were all toddlers and little wailing kids. As you can see, three of us colour coordinated that day (by coincidence), and Dave refused to conform to us.

The Scooby Doo haunted house ride was also the first one we took! We thought it would be a nice starter for Khym, since she gets all clammy and sweaty by the thought of being on the damn ride. They allowed us to put our bags in front of us, which definitely means its totally kiddy and scare-free.

But lo behold, we were fake-freaking out at all the ‘scary’ stuff when we reached a dead end on the ride, paused for a moment, and started rising up in a zigzag motion. When we stopped at the top, we could see rail tracks behind us but the cart was not turning… So we started screaming for real when the cart started zooming backwards, with Khym shrieking as she realised our accidental betrayal.

It wasn’t that bad, but considering the fact that we were totally not expecting it, Scooby Doo successfully trolled us that day. We cooled off with some good time in the bumper car arena, where I displayed my talent (or lack thereof) in driving.

Theme Park food, overpriced and junky as always. Churros go at 3 dollars a pop, and dip costs extra. What a rip off >:|

All tired out from the rides and giving our brains and necks a rest before heading to the ones we saved for the last, Arkham Asylum and Superman. After taking a close look at both rides, we decided that Superman was the lesser of two evils (WE WERE WRONG), and took it first. Before you continue reading, please refer to previous photos and look for an inverted U shaped track.

That is the Superman track, and boy we definitely underestimated it. So the story goes, that you are one of the citizens trapped in an underground metro that is about to collapse into rubble due to an earthquake. The cart rolls through a battered underground system with the usual lightning sparks and whats not. Then lo behold, Superman turns up! And he says, as I quote, “Don’t worry, folks. I will get you out in no time. Hold on tight, we are about to go fast. Superman fast”.

At this point, we are at the dark end of a tunnel, and we hear something charge up and before we know it, we are zooming out of the tunnel into broad daylight and straight up the inverted U track. Now, the normal roller coasters go through all the trouble of click clacking up the slope and gives you enough time to brace (wet) yourself. But this? NO. The cart zooms out so fast that it propels you all the way up the inverted U (and it is high, very very high), and for a moment, you are caught in limbo as it gracefully crosses the arch and your scream gets caught in your throat and your eyes grow as round as saucers and then more than half the cart crosses the arch and you feel ten million butterflies erupt into a cocoon party right below your breakfast.

The rest of the ride goes something like up and down and up and down and turn it all around. Everything is over in 30 seconds. Khym and I were breathless with migraines and sore throats, but the ride seemed to have the opposite effect on the guys.

We then took Arkham Asylum three times because seriously, after Superman, everything else is cheesecake. Besides, despite being one of those dangly rides, Arkham Asylum was really fun. The only real fear was whether my legs were going to be chopped off by one of the tracks.

The boys went on Superman again, before we camwhored a little while the sun set on our day of fun. We caught the bus back, bought some roasted chicken, and laughed about our day over a glass of wine.




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