Photo Diary: Surfers’ Paradise (Day 2)

Breakfast made by yours truly! It really isn’t pretty; I have not mastered the iron skillet to produce photogenic food. Anyway, here we have zombie sausages, human skin ham, ear lobe mushrooms with onion earrings, toast (the other only pretty thing), and massive omelettes done Fel-style, with mushrooms, bacon bits and chopped onions.

After a lazy morning and breakfast, we got dressed and walked down along the beach towards Surfer’s Paradise. I just love how blue the skies are overseas. You just can’t find that azure back in Singapore. Maybe because we don’t have empty horizons and wispy clouds too, that definitely add to the effect. We played around the water for a bit, and sand got into everything, including our socks. We walked on down to Surfers’ Paradise, which is basically a stretch of shops and stores for the beach fellas. Since its winter, there are very few surfer dudes around for us to ogle at. We strolled around for a bit before the gorgeous weather got chased away by bully rainclouds and we ended up stuck indoors, waiting for it to stop.

Found a cute little French cafe, run by a French guy who is really friendly. Khym and I got drawn in by the gorgeous pastries by the window, and dragged the boys in. Had a steaming hot cup of mocha, ordered a peach and pear tart with chocolate drizzle and some profiteroles! The tart tastes much better than it looks in the photos because the lighting in the store was really bad. We ate and drank, listened to a lady singing softly over the radio in French, and talked about getting more food.

I loved how chill and laid-back the trip was. Even though we had an itinerary, we didn’t stick hard fast to it and just had fun. Missing the bunch right now (:


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