Photo Diary: Roaming the Vatican and Colosseum

There are many aspects that I love about traveling. While I enjoy the leisurely itinerary, when nothing is set in stone and the agenda for the day is to have a nice cup of coffee, I also enjoy the sightseeing part of traveling. Being curious in nature, there are many things in the world that I want to see and experience, having read them in books or seen them in various forms of media. I did not particularly enjoy my trip to Italy but I definitely checked several items off my bucket list in Rome, such as visiting Vatican City and the Colosseum.

The art displayed in the Vatican museum is amazing. I personally can’t decide whether I like paintings or sculptures more. The colour, technique, and layers of paintings draw me in and I can stare at some for the longest time. I love the intricacies and motion amidst stillness that can be achieved with sculptures. The genius involved with creating the sculptures I have seen in Europe is mind-blowing; from different angles, multiple versions of the story are revealed. Its amazing how much can be achieved and told through art, and I wish I was more talented in that area.

The Colosseum is quite the labyrinth, and I wish I could explore the interconnected passageways where the gladiators and wild beasts trawled centuries ago. It was absolutely scorching hot though, and for some reason, the grand history behind this monument seemed stripped away by the crowds of tourists that flock through its passageways. Most of these tourists are just interested in the best angled photographs, with the slightest concern for the stories behind its construction. That’s probably what I hate most about sightseeing, how a part of history becomes increasingly trivialised as the its popularity meter soars.

Undoubtedly, Rome is a city with such rich culture and history that I definitely want to go back and explore every nook and cranny, staying clear of the tourist hotspots this time! Oh and isn’t the shot of the sunlight streaming into St. Peter’s Basilica just gorgeous? It created such an ethereal feeling, being the first thing I saw once I stepped into the cathedral.


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