Photo Diary: The Little Side of Prague

The part of town across the Charles Bridge in Prague is also known as the Malá Strana, which directly translates into Little Town, also known as the Lesser Town. It is significantly quieter than the larger old and new towns on the other side of the river Vltava, and houses the Wallenstein Palace and St. Nicholas Church. After hiking up (the town is built along the slopes leading up to the palace) for quite some time, the view across the city is breathtaking despite it being such a gloomy day.

What is perhaps my favourite sight in Prague can also be found at Malá Strana; the Lennon wall, that is an amalgamation of colourful graffiti. Its vibrancy and youthfulness strongly juxtapose against the city’s age old architecture and charisma. And I really like how the administrators celebrate it as a freedom of expression, rather than how graffiti is often perceived as unwanted art.


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