Photo Diary: Praɦa

The solemn tone of the photographs aptly depict my first impression of Prague. My fellow traveller was an unfortunate victim of theft on our way from Warsaw, and it definitely dampened our spirits significantly. Our joy in seeing the gorgeous city was muted, and the city and world became ten times more cold and severing in an instant. Despite having two more cities to visit after Prague, we decided to cancel our plans and head back to London, the place we call home in Europe.

I am a very paranoid person, even more so when traveling, as I will hate for anything to ruin the jovial mood. This makes me quite a control freak when it comes to making sure that all my belongings are safe and far from any grasping thief. Sometimes you never know when the worst of luck would befall upon you and I will rather not take that risk. I remember how terrified I was when I first entered London Heathrow; the trepidation of traveling alone and guarding the documents and money that dictate my being in a foreign land completely overwhelmed my excitement to finally see the city. Eventually I grew to fall in love with London, but I will never forget how cold and homesick I was on the very first day.

In 8 weeks, I will be boarding a flight back to Europe. After close to two years, it would probably be the stranger to me once more. I hope that I have the guts to come out of my shell and that the countries would be forgiving to me and let me come home in one piece.

Looking back at these photographs, I really appreciate the city as a metamorphosis of history, culture, and society. I will never stop being amazed by the beautiful architecture in Europe. Going back during Christmas this time, with the city covered in snow, it would be quite a sight to behold.


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  1. Amazing shots of Prague…The architecture is so grand and beautiful….Nice depth of field in every photograph and I simply love the composition….

    1. voilemyheart says:

      Thank you so much for your kind comments! (: Glad you like my photographs!

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