Photo Diary: Vernazza

We are at the chapter of Cinque Terre! I tried my best to post my adventures in chronological order, but I simply could not resist editing and uploading the photographs for the five charming towns of Cinque Terre. We stayed at Vernazza, one of the five small towns that make up the rugged portion of Italy’s Liguria coast. All the towns are really small; you can walk from front to end in less than five minutes. Most of the buildings are constructed up into the cliffs, which means stairs, stairs and more stairs.

We were going to spend David’s birthday here, so I booked a room with a lovely view of the sea (which also means the top floor of a building located very far up the slopes). It was literally painful carrying our bags up the many flights of uneven stairs. Every morning and night, we had a mini exercise navigating through the nooks and crannies of residential Vernazza.

FINALLY GOT TO WEAR MY HAT. To be honest, I look terrible with hats because my face is so absurdly round and my head is usually too big for any lady hat to fit properly. But I love this too much to not buy/wear it. I got to wear my pineapple dress as well; only time I ever wore it but it is just too cute. You can also see my very odd tan lines, which I got from an insanely hot day in Monaco.

Anyway the photo below shows how crazy the stairs leading up to our apartment are. Imagine about 7 more of these, and carrying 2 30kg and 2 10kg luggage bags up. I felt so sorry for David. That aside, I enjoyed the walk up and down everyday actually. Suddenly the hustle and bustle of the cove fades away and you hear the quiet noises of households behind the tourist facade of the towns.

The pretty coloured houses and cove of Vernazza! It looks much shabbier than the photographs, but there’s more flavour to it this way. The towns suffered from landslides and flooding some months back, caused by torrential rainfall and mass movement from the nearby hills. They are built at the edges of a National Park, and it was difficult getting help to them. Thankfully, everything is up and running again and the residents seem to be coping very well!

Gelato after a lazy lunch (will post about the meals we had another time). I had Mango and Lime! I usually go to fruity flavours for hot days. The only creamy flavours I like in summer are Pistachio and Gianduja (chocolate with hazelnut, a little like Nutella).

And this is what Vernazza looks like at night. I can remember how it felt like. We were happily full from a great dinner, a little tipsy from a bottle of very good wine, strolling at sloth-pace, standing by the water, shivering in the sea breeze, watching the final rays of sunshine ebb out under the horizon, listening to acoustic guitar tunes from the restaurant nearby interspersed with the sound of waves hitting against the breakwater.

Ah, it really isn’t going to be the same without you.

I hope that years from now, when I am waist deep in my career, I still have that constant ache for adventure.


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