Back from Japan!

So sorry for not blogging for the longest time! This semester has been hectic to say the least. I took six modules (the usual is five), and the workload was insane throughout the semester because four of them were non-examinable. Also, I joined Indancity with SMU, practices are twice a week and are insanely tiring (I am insanely unfit). It leaves me somehow incapable of performing anything productive. That together with the dance practices I have with Eusoff Dance (preparing for Dance Production 2012!) and my weekly tuition and work commitments, pretty much sucks up any time and energy I have left after studying.

Anyway, I just returned from Hokkaido and Tokyo in Japan. The trip was amazing! It was the perfect winter wonderland, and I never thought I would say this but I actually got sick of snow! It is beautiful, fluffy and ever so fairy-tale-ish but when there are blizzards every single minute of every single day, it isn’t hard to get sick of it. I will never get tired of the feeling though, the feeling of walking through falling snow, some landing on your lashes and cheeks, some collecting on your shoulders and boots. I love looking towards lights when its snowing, seeing the tiny specks fluttering around it. My hotel room had a full length window in front of my bed, and the snow is crazily frantic when you’re higher up. They collect in mini hurricanes and bluster upwards more than down. It is also phenomenal to see drifting snow the first thing in the morning.

Enough rambling about snow! The activity I looked forward to the most this trip would be eating; the food in Hokkaido is rumoured to be heavenly, even more so than Tokyo where I gorge myself silly. Think fresh Alaskan King crab (lots of it; sashimi, grill, steamed), lots of cakes, lots of seafood (fresh enormous scallops, crayfish, assorted fish and oysters), and many many more.

Here is a glimpse of some of the food I have been eating! Would do detailed posts of the cities and towns I visited, and where to find the restaurants.

First meal I had; donburi with salmon roe, scallop sashimi and grilled salmon, with seafood and vegetable tempura. So fresh! (Hakodate)
Best dinner I had! (Sapporo)
Snaffle’s chocolate brownie and banana sundae with fresh Hokkaido milk ice cream! (Hakodate)
Snow crab sushi that melts in your mouth in an instant. (Sapporo)
Taiyaki with pumpkin and red bean filling! (Sapporo)
Best roast beef donburi EVER. So tender and fragrant. (Sapporo)
Kobe beef ball from Santou. This entire palm sized meatball is made entirely out of Kobe beef, it is so juicy (that is not oil), fragrant and crispy. (Kichijoji, Tokyo)
Best cheesecake ever! It has two layers, the upper layer is light cream cheese and the bottom layer is dense cheesecake and both of them melt in your mouth like snap. Finished half of one for breakfast
Salmon belly sushi; nothing more to say. (Sapporo)
Favorite Japanese curry dish thus far. The chicken is fried to a crisp, but remains extremely juicy and tender inside. Coupled with the mild sweetness of the curry and soft rice, it is just phenomenal. (Hakodate)
Lets not forget Ramen; having piping hot volcano ramen with chashu on a wintry cold day is just bliss. (Noboribetsu)

These are just some sneaks from my upcoming posts on Hokkaido and Tokyo! These pictures can be found on my Instagram, my username is feliciatqs. My uploads are usually about food or snippets of my travels and daily life. Just looking at these pictures make me miss Japan already. I was a little sick of the food and was pretty glad to come home after such a long holiday but now, I can’t wait to go back again. Stay tuned for the rest!


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