Photo Diary: Notre Dame de la Garde

We visited the famous Notre Dame de la Garde, located at the hilltop overlooking the city of Marseille. You can either get there by walking (which would take a really long time and be extremely strenuous), taking a cab or catching a public bus. The service runs down along the side of the port and goes straight up the steep hillside to the church. The panoramic view was spectacular, and would be even more so if it weren’t such a cloudy day.

What I found most interesting about the church was the nautical aspects present amidst the decorations. As mentioned, Marseille is a port city. Many pray and thank at the church for safety of their loved ones, and tributes from these mariners decorate the church. These tributes include tiny ships that hang from the ceiling. Names of the mariners are engraved on these vessels, as a reminder of the grace that spared them from cruel shipwreck. The crypts are also open to the public, and prayer rooms are available to those who desire some silence with God.

As the symbol of Marseille, Notre Dame de la Garde is definitely worth a visit.


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