Photo Diary: Offshore to St. Michael’s Mount

St.  Michael’s Mount is one of the most interesting places to visit in Cornwall. It is a tidal island, located slightly offshore. It is accessible either by boat during high tide or walking across a mossy stone path during low tide. Obviously walking alongside seaweed and flailing fish would be part of the experience so make sure you visit during low tide timings! There is a gentle climb up to the fort on the hilltop where you can see rather spectacular views of the sea and coast all around. The gardens are beautiful as well but they are only opened on certain days. You can take a look from the top but I think walking through it would feel rather ‘Alice in Wonderland’ish. There is quite a bit of history regarding the castle, and the family that currently resides there. Make sure you have at least 3 hours to visit St. Michael’s Mount to have a fulfilling experience!

In the last two photos, my friends and I decided to pose in the little crevices underneath the walkway. These three sporting British ladies were highly amused and decided to do the same. So cute! Hopefully thirty years down the road I would still have such life and sport in me.


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