Brunch at Riding House Cafe



Riding Horse Cafe is a restaurant/brasserie that reminds me of Wild Honey back in Singapore. It has an extensive breakfast, all day and dinner menu, with delicious sounding food. Having heard quite a bit, I could not wait to try it! Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. So Gladys and I headed down to Riding House Street one fine summer day for brunch.

Eggs Benedict / Self explanatory, really. The smokiness of the ham, coupled with the teeming yolk, signature taste of hollandaise and topped off with a well buttered muffin, is simply breakfast food paradise. Unlike some of those I have tried, the ham and muffin were not too hard to slice and I was able to finish this without creating a massacre of egg yolk on my plate. So good!

Eggs Royale / Gladys’s order. I am not a fan of smoked salmon as I find the taste slightly too overpowering for my liking, but this certainly looks appetizing as well!

Buttermilk Pancakes with berries, clotted cream and maple syrup / We ordered this to share, and my oh my. Definitely one of the better pancakes I have had, even better than the one at My Old Dutch that I talked about here. Every bite contains a fluffy sliver of warm pancake, vanilla fragrance of the clotted cream that oozed around like ice cream, the burst of refreshing berry sweetness, all doused in maple syrup. Not to forget the icing sugar that makes everything taste even better than possible.

Happy Gladys, all dressed and ready for summer!

Close up of my outfit, from my outfit post here. I am a big fan of oversized flowy items, and this dress is quite the epitome of that. The sleeves are extremely billowy and long, making me feel a tad more ethereal than I ever will be. I love the eyelet lace up detail in the front as well, giving the dress a casual countryside look.

Sunshine / A smoothie containing oats, natural yoghurt, cinnamon, orange juice, honey and banana. Every sip contains a rainbow of flavors; initially, the citrus and sweet honey hits you, the fragrance of banana emanates through, before the slight sour punch of yoghurt and cinnamon in the aftertaste. It is very thick though, quite like a breakfast itself!

Iced Chocolate / Gladys found this too sweet, but I liked it! It has a tinge of bitterness that I like for chocolate and the fact that its iced does not make it diluted like most iced drinks. And of course, hot chocolate in the winter, iced chocolate in the long awaited summer. Yum!

We had a great time catching up, and lazing on the velvet couches of the cafe. I would definitely go back for the breakfast and another time to try the lunches and dinners. The burger looks amazing!! There is something about food that just brings people together, whether to revel in the amazing tastes or anguish about the foulness of it. Regardless, it is always nice to be in familiar presence, especially with Gladys who has lived so close to me all these years (though I never found out till the last year of junior college). Hoping I would be able to see her regularly back in Singapore too!

On the topic of summer, fickle-minded London has plunged back into the usual miserable gloomy state of looming clouds that spell rain. Temperatures have dipped back into the lower 10s, just when I am getting used to dressing for warm weather. I had so many plans for picnics and frolicking in the sun that I can’t help feeling disappointed. Please, don’t rain on my long awaited parade!


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