Fifth Floor at Harvey Nichols.

After a long day of shopping and browsing along Knightsbridge, we decided to take a breather and settle at some nice cafe for drinks. Little did we realize that it was dinnertime, misled once again by the skewed sunset timings of summer. Having wandered into Harvey Nichols’ food market, we decided to just have dinner at the Fifth Floor Cafe.

The cafe had a really nice, open and spacious concept. If you stroll out onto the terrace, you can have a rooftop view of the surrounding area. We were busy checking out the menu to really bother about the view though. A little boy ordered a plate of extremely delicious smelling fish and chips at the nearby table. So we both ordered that and had a smoothie to share.

Fish and Chips; Meantime Brewery beer battered hake and hand cut chips. One of the better ones I have had so far I would say. The batter was a tad too thick, but the fish was very well done. I love fries and those were done exceptionally well. They probably made their own mayonnaise because it was so so tasty!

Lucky Charm; Smoothie with oats, honey, strawberries, banana and Lucky Charms. It tastes both happy and healthy at the same time; I reason that any smoothie with banana can’t go wrong.

We stayed there and talked after, munching on our cupcakes from Lola’s at Harrods. It is so nice to be roaming around London with a friend who is here just to enjoy the best of the city. Oh and who has similar tastes in fashion and food. We both spent quite a bit, a very happy bit, at Topshop just down the road. But you only live once, and I want to live my life in dark washed Moto jeans.


Hope you guys are having a good weekend! As you are reading this, I am in Cornwall on a roadtrip. When I typed this, I was still in London and praying that the warm sunny weather would be lasting us throughout our time here. I really love being able to traipse along streets without the occasional shiver now. Summer is here and it is looking to be legendary.


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