Favorite Things.

Takeaway tea and carrot cake on the park bench / Pretty metals on the coffee table / Cute decorations at the theatre of Matilda the Musical / Muji’s wooden replica of London / London cabs in color variety and movement unison / Paperchase’s attempt to contain Great Britain in a palm sized box / A postcard that speaks the truth


London’s weather is surely erratic to say the least. Just this weekend, I was freezing my toes off. Yesterday I was shivering on my way home. Today, I was walking down the street with my jacket in hand and an urge to rip my stockings off. The temperatures have soared over 10 degrees overnight and they seem to be staying up for the rest of the week! Guess the May blues are finally over, and UK can finally embrace summer like the rest of Europe. I am a little flabbergasted and baffled at what I am to wear now. Summer fashions were dealt with more than 5 months ago and my mind is a little out of sync with what I should and can wear.

But that’s probably everything I am going to worry about. A little more than 10 days left to my solitary freedom here in London! With nothing to worry about other than what I should have for lunch and when I should do my laundry. With school and money woes tucked safely under the carpet. With one thing to regret that is how fast time has trickled past me like a sneaky cockroach. Now to bask in the long awaited warmth and live these last few moments with vigor! Regular sex and potatoes, here I come.


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