Eye Candy for the Tummy.

Some eyecandy for you guys;

Specially decorate jack union cupcakes for the upcoming Diamond Jubilee celebrations (Lola’s at Harrods), precious and delicious looking macarons (Food Hall at Harvey Nichols), Banana and Toffee makes Banoffee cake at Candy Cakes (Covent Garden), the Queen on a fondant cookie (Harrods), one of the many selections of pastries and cakes (Harrods), collection of jack union cupcakes (Lola’s at Harrods), macarons in more flavors (Harvey Nichols), sole standing peanut butter chocolate cupcake at Candy Cakes (Covent Garden), gummy selections at Brick Lane, Lola’s cupcake display (spot my favorite red velvet on the left) and prettily decorated cupcakes at Lola’s (Harrods).

They look way too precious to eat.


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