Photo Diary: First meals in Germany

Oxtail soup, that was really really really salty. Could barely finish half of it!
First roasted pork leg! The meat was rather tender and the potatoes were yummy, but still rather salty.
Pork escalope with a nice red wine gravy. This was nice in a safe, comfort-food-can’t-go-wrong way.
First glass of German beer! Many more to come. Every traditional German restaurant/pub has their own signature beer, so be sure to ask for their own brews and try as many as you can!

This restaurant came highly recommended, one of the most famous, oldest and largest breweries and restaurants in Cologne. It can be found just behind the large cathedral (walk round it from the central station), and its called Brauhaus Früh. There are three different restaurants in the building, each serving three different menus, and it can serve up to over 500 people! I lost my way trying to find the loo. If you are just there for the beer (which is around 1.3euros for 200ml), you can sit outside along the street at the beer garden and people watch at the same time.

Dessert; my hazelnut, treacle and chocolate sundae. Chocolate was not rich enough for my liking.
My dad’s walnut sundae! He was very sulky that they did not have almonds.

In the main market plaza at Bonn, there are lots of restaurants where you can dine al fresco, eat a bratwurst standing and enjoy the bustling crowd and occasional musician. Amongst them there are two ice cream parlors, serving delicious concoctions of sundaes, some mega some dainty. They have flavors ranging from fruity to creamy, and you can even make your own sundae with additional ingredients! Literally spoilt for choice. Not the best sundaes I have ever had but definitely interesting to choose from and fun to sit around and have some cold creamy delights.


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