Photo Diary: Occupying Frankfurt.

After our short stop at Koln and Bonne, our next stop for Germany was Frankfurt. First thing that came to mind would be Frankfurters, those yummy sausages. Other than that, I don’t know anything about Frankfurt at all. The city is mainly known for being the financial and business center of Germany, and that can be observed from the attractions the city has to offer.

As we strolled through town, this was probably one of the first ‘attractions’ we saw; the ‘Occupy Frankfurt’ movement right in front of the Euro Currency sculpture in the city centre. It is part of a global protest, along with their counterparts at Wall Street.

I feel as if I walked into a giant hobo camp, with makeshift shelters, tents and people playing music using tin drums and wooden sticks. I think if this were to happen in Singapore, the government would just run a bulldozer through the area after the first warning.

I made my dad stoop there with me for this photo, though my chin looks like it has wings.

Dad looking all stern and stately in front of the Stock Exchange building.

Lots of tourists come to this corner of the city just to touch this bull statue. See, when the economy is in its ‘bull’ status, it means its prospering, charging ahead and upwards, everyone’s making money. So everyone comes here, to touch this cold iron fella in hopes of their personal fortunes having that uptake as well.

And of course, we have the ‘bear’ status, whereby the economy is lumbering slowly, falling behind, taking the occasional hibernating nap, basically in its downturn. And guess what my dad thinks about that?

And I just need my money to multiply. Pronto.

And thats it for the capitalistic, modern side of Frankfurt. Next up would be the romantic, quaint, quiet and slightly more charming side of the city, which I personally like a lot more. These two sides of the city are not isolated from one another, in fact they are very much blended in cohesion. After walking to the “Occupy Frankfurt” site, we walked to the Opera house through the beautiful park, then to the stock exchange centre, and then to the old town area across the river which was absolutely charming. I just thought I would separate them into two different posts, to show how a bustling and important city like Frankfurt can be historically and culturally significant as well, without having to replace the older odds and ends with shiny new skyscrapers. This gives the city character and charm, and the tourists another reason to visit again.


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