I have uneven sized pupils.


Here are some gratuitous pictures of me and a random post to ensue! (I don’t know if you can see it, but I have different sized pupils! o.O)

I have been up to no good. With an exam coming up in about 5 days, I should be studying diligently everyday, clocking in my revision so it would not be like the mad rush I had for the past two examinations. BUT, instead I have been doing everything else but study.

I have been watching all the shows in the world. Again. For instance, I just started watching Friends again! From Season 1. 9 more seasons to go! That with Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Fringe, Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, and so on.

I have been shopping, a lot. Oh the joy of having a credit card, and invisible stacks of money that you just spend and spend before realizing all the money in your bank is gone! I guess at this point in time, so many months into exchange, the effect of excessive expenditure has been muted and gotten used to. I keep telling myself that I would not have access to these shops ever again! And I do need more clothes for my wardrobe in London. See the difference? Wardrobe in London. I do not have a lot of things in my wardrobe in London, for instance a simple black maxi dress. Or! Sparkly black peeptoe heels that I don’t really need but since I do not have heels here, I need them!

Yea, you see where I’m going. Anyway, I have been grocery shopping like crazy too. See, when I’m bored, I want to eat. So I start thinking about what I want to eat, and I start thinking of what I do not have, so I head down to the very nearby Tesco, Sainsburys and Waitrose. Too close for comfort. I reckon I have spent close to 80sgd on groceries this week. And I just keep on eating! And the food just keeps on piling up in my food corner, it has extended all across the window sill.

Oh and I have been buying makeup! Mainly influenced by my friend Sianne who runs her blog and youtube channel, brushesandbelle. She gets dolled up all the time and watching her videos and reading her blog makes me feel like dolling up too. I just bought a new eyeshadow palette (based on one of her videos), cream blusher (cause every girl needs blusher), two lipsticks (cause I don’t really have those shades), and two eyeliners (mine’s running out so I buy two). I figured that I would not be dolling up very often once I go back to Singapore, since the weather melts everything off my face. So I decided to put in more effort, but for some reason once I open my eyes I don’t really see a difference.

No matter, I braved the cold with a thin dress today, put on a new type of eyeshadow … thing, and braided my hair waterfall style! I didn’t wear that flower garland thing out though. Can’t wait to wear it for the French countryside! Went out, visited a museum, and shopped again. Came home because my fingers were going to fall off my hands and made salmon and asparagus spinach cream pasta. YUMS. It was so sinful though.

Oh and I have been planning for my June July trip of course. Can’t wait! 29 more days, four more weeks.

So sorry for the ramblings. I have one more month left in London, to live up that life. Sometimes it gets a bit harder, but I would shake myself up with the thought that I would never get to do this in any remotely close future. So for that, I love my life right now, I love London, and I love you. Thank you for putting up with me.

Shall go wash up, curl up in my bathrobe with some caramel shortcake bites and watch Greys with some wine. Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Beibei Wu says:

    Love your top and cute necklace 🙂


    1. voilemyheart says:

      Heh, thank you!! Its a dress, and it has an uneven hem which I LOVE.

  2. I think your pupils look the same, it’s the eye size/shape that is a little different. But don’t worry. It’s normal. Everyone’s eye shape/size varies, and almost everyone has inconsistent eye/shapes on their face. You just don’t notice it until you stare straight into a camera photo. I have a slightly inconsistent eye size too. 🙂

    1. voilemyheart says:

      Are you sure!! I seriously think my left pupil looks puny to the right one. It leaves me in a dilemma how I should part my fringe… haha!

      1. HAHAHA! Yeah, part your fringe to wear the smaller side is. 🙂 Nah, I think your pupils are the same size. It’s your eye size/shape that makes it look smaller…

  3. haha babe!! Didn’t know you started buying makeup XD Go back London help you make your eyeshadow visible =P

    1. voilemyheart says:

      Hello you!! I have been buying so much. Went to Superdrug after reading your haul post and bought the Sleek original eyeshadow palette! Loved your video on the night look for Jennifer Lawrence :>

      1. Hehe *pumps fist in air for influencing you* go check out MUA brand in superdrug! £1 each eyeshadow O.O Just discovered it. Gonna review soon!! hehe 11th!!

      2. voilemyheart says:

        HAHA keep posting, I love reading them!! Ooh, are they good? Shall wait to watch your review! 🙂 I’m thinking of getting mascara next, but they are always such a hassle to clean off my lashes.
        I end on the 11th yayy ^^

      3. hehe… just use olive oil! comes right off ^^ yep super pigmented.. going to buy on monday.. heh. Mascara.. I ❤ benefit's! but just drugstore kind… superdrug having £5 maybelline ones! good ones too! ahh u finish your exams so early??

      4. voilemyheart says:

        Haha lazy lazy me. Shall go check out the mascara and eyeshadow on Tuesday or something. Monday’s bank holiday!! Yea hehe freedom in a week!
        BTW have you dyed your hair yet?? I really want to dye mine but I have no idea how its going to turn out -_-

      5. Yeps!!! You can see the difference… IF you stare hard at my hair XD under the sun its much more obvious.. I used Light brown.. prob need dark blonde if you wanna see a diff…

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