Photo Diary: Yums in Amsterdam

Colorful sweets for sale on Queen’s Day.

We mostly had street food as we were addicted to the delicious displays and smells. Could not really find traditional Dutch restaurants that were a) not fully booked, b) really authentic, or c) at a decent price. Would really hope to come back and have some good Dutch cheese and some of those yummilicious fries again!

Ollibollen; Dutch Fried Dough Balls, filled with sweet fruit and coated with icing sugar.
My favorite is the pear! This is so so so good. Get them while they’re still hot and crispy on the outside, soft and gooey on the inside. Warning; it can get messy.
Hello to you too, Mr Moo. I’m sorry I’m gonna eat you.
Some good ol’ frankfurters, covered with a slice of cheese and oodles of ketchup. Can’t be compared to the ones I’ve had in Germany (oh those bratwursts) but not bad!
Om nom.
You can find fries everywhere in Amsterdam. So many to choose from, so little tummy room.
This is from the stall at the funfair. It’s more pricey, but the sauces are amazing! We ordered the “Amsterdam”, one of the favorites, which has mayonnaise, salsa and crispy onion bits.
I love fries. So much.
This is from another stall down the main street from the Central Station, which claims to have Holland’s Best Fries. Almost everyone we see on the street was carrying a cone of these fries, so naturally, we have to try!!
We ordered the Obelix (biggest size), and here it is in relative to my already very huge face.
Of course we have to have some pastries. Bought this from a local bakery; crispy light bread with sugar coating!
An innocent looking croissant but probably the best I have ever had.
It has ham and cheese inside, and is super warm and toasty. Goes down your throat and warms up your tummy immediately. SO GOOD. We came back just before we left for the airport to have one last bite of the best croissant I have ever had.
Watermelon and Mango gelato. Not very good, tastes very artificial. But its pretty!
I think this is raw fish? Can’t remember what it is, probably trout. Bought this off the cart and ate it immediately. So good! The onions complement the taste perfectly. Reminds me of the sashimi I used to have… before it became so expensive when I came to London.
We had to have it again! This time from another stall, and we asked for MORE onions. Delish. Warning, it gives you sharp fishy breath for the rest of the day, but who cares! Yums.
Enjoying our raw fish in the sunshine!
Spicy rack of ribs!
Simple steak with fries.
One of our few proper meals during our visit, as an attempt to eat “authentic Dutch cuisine”. Not sure if we succeeded, as the restaurant we wanted to visit was either too packed or closed so we visited this place instead!
Coke that is more expensive than beer.
Side dishes; fried potatoes and salads! Love them potatoes.
Roasted pork shin with sausage, bacon, potato and spinach mash. The pork was so tender, probably one of the better ones I’ve tried.
Pork with crisp bacon and mustard dressing. The pork chop here was rather tough sadly. The bacon was so crispy, but it melts into a pool of fat and oil in your mouth. Not a very nice after taste.
Photo of happy me with my pretty ring of flowers!



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