Walking Home.

Walking home alone after a movie with some friends. London’s weather is really fickle. You can wake up to pouring rain, but the sun would be out in a jiffy and the skies would be glorious for one afternoon. Then halfway through the evening you see raindrops splattering against your windows again. It was icy cold this morning as I walked home after my examination, but it was sunny and breezy in the evening. So strange. But the Londoners are well prepared and they shed their bulky coats before the sunshine even hits the pavements.

I wish I could become someone I used to know, someone I used to be, that someone who didn’t need anybody.

Let the sun shine on my rainy day!

Anyway, I am leaving for Amsterdam in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow. I would be back on Tuesday, with pretty pictures I hope! Weather forecasts rain rain rain for Amsterdam this week and that is no weather to see tulip fields. Anyhow, I do hope the best for this trip! My last trip out of England before David comes over. Then I would sit for my next exam on Wednesday (yea, I know, priorities)! After which I would have more than a week to study for my final paper.


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