For better days ahead.

Picture taken at Hyde Park some weeks back. London was experiencing the warmest March in quite a few years, lulling me into a false sense of security that the weather would finally be warm enough to bare some skin. And so, home those winter clothes went and before I knew it, the frost is back with a vengeance.

Well, not really. More like with rain everyday. Don’t get me wrong, I like rain. I love the feeling of being indoors with a cup of hot beverage, feet in fuzzy slippers and arms in comfy sweaters, while listening to the sound of cars moving against the raindrops, the quiet splash of puddles as the tires skid by. And of course, the smell of rain after. But I just hate how everything outside becomes wet. No more alfresco, park benches and lazing on the grass. Its quite interesting though to look at people passing by from up above, how some are well hidden and equipped with umbrellas, some dashing to shelter and some strolling without a care in the world.

Raining here has a different context from Singapore; it merely drizzles here and the raindrops are so light that they form more like a drenching mist around you. I miss those thunderstorms, when day becomes night and the world is silent lest for the occasional clap of thunder. You appreciate being indoors ever more, solidifying the sloth’s reason to crawl into covers and stay there. Then when the skies clear, everything is fresh and new again, as if the world’s been washed clean.

I have no idea why I am typing this at 2am in the morning, I can feel my eyelids growing heavier by the second. I really should be getting round to doing some solid work but the inertia is just too great. My fingers involuntarily turn to online shopping, videos, movies and Diablo3 beta. My mind screams at me from inside when I try to consume the ocean of knowledge teeming in front of me. I think I might have forgotten how to study.

Maybe I just need more sleep. So here’s one more picture of golden rays, beautiful trees and a curious squirrel. Fingers crossed I would see that sight sometime very soon.


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