Photo Diary: Meals in Paris

Fresh oysters on ice.
Pâté de Foie Gras
Braised pork leg with sauerkraut and whole potatoes.
Rump steak with sea salt and fried potatoes.
Panfried salmon with potato and herb mash.
Grilled seabass with sautéed vegetables.
Roasted half chicken with fried potatoes.
My favorite; pan fried duck breast with potato mash.
Crispy and juicy duck confit with fried potatoes; the skin is so crisp it is even better than roasted pork.
Rump steak with fries and bone marrow; beef very tender, bone marrow extremely sinful and the fries done to perfection.

Three main meals I had in Paris during my stay there this March. I was so so excited to return to Paris for the food. Didn’t have a chance to order my hot chocolate though, the blistering weather did not encourage my perseverance to down the thick hot gooey chocolate. The first meal was at a restaurant near Gare du Nord; even at 10.30pm, the restaurant was packed with locals, ordering platters of oysters and popping bottles of wine. It was my parents’ first French meal. The second was a restaurant across the round from the Louvre, where we sat across three ladies who ordered salads and stared as we devoured our mains. My parents were growing rather ill of the rich tasting French fare, so we switched to Chinese (to my dismay) on the second night. For the last meal, we were wandering along a small alley off Avenue des Champs-Élysées when we stumbled upon a small restaurant, filled to the brim with locals. It was probably one of the best meals I ever had in Paris, and that’s saying something.


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