Photo Diary: Sightseeing in London

Bringing my parents around London, and experiencing the city one more time as a tourist. We went to the British Museum, Big Ben, Westminister Abbey, Buckingham Palace, St James Park, Hyde Park, Trafalgar Square, Selfridges, Harrods, St Paul’s Cathedral, Millennium Bridge, Tower Bridge, Borough Market, Portobello Market, Leicester Square and Tate Modern. Almost all on foot! But my parents were great sports and never once complained, except to ask if we could take a coffee break. They were always asking if I was tired or weary bringing them around, but it was quite a joy showing them the city that I have been living in for the past few months. Think they quite enjoyed it as well!

Miss my dad’s eagerness to be a photography subject and my mom’s encyclopedia knowledge on all the sights. It is my first time seeing some of them cause I left all the sightseeing till they arrived. London is indeed a wonderful city to be in. They were lucky to have the best weather London had for a long long time. It was sunny clear weather all day long for the entire week and it was a joy to take photographs. Ah, I really do miss London.

Location update: I just arrived in Krakow, Poland! Would be heading for the Auswitchz concentration camp tour tomorrow, before traveling to Warsaw at night. We were worn out from the early morning and uncomfortable bus ride from Budapest, so Pris and I just took it easy and ate a really good (and cheap) alfresco dinner by the old town plaza, watching stupid pigeons fly by and horse carriages trot along. The weather is finally warmer such that our fingers were not frozen to our utensils. Polish food is good! And we had really great gelato as well, kiwi and blackcurrant flavors! So yum.

Another early morning and late night tomorrow! I am really proud of my body so far, have not fallen sick at all this entire time I have been in Europe. This is definitely not the time to fall sick though, we do have quite a few rough days ahead. After which we would be in Prague relaxing for a few days before entering the last two legs of our journey, Berlin and Copenhagen. Time really flies! In just a little more than a week, my Easter break would be over, exams would descend on us and May would arrive! Then Jielin would be coming over, I would be able to live London without the burden of school and then relive UK and Europe all over again when David arrives. Oh happy times. I really can’t wait!


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