Chinese Food in London

When you are far away from home, sometimes the only form of comfort and solace you can get would be food. As much as I enjoy what Europe and London has to offer, I do have the occasional craving for Chinese food. So here are some of the restaurants I visited most recently!

Four Seasons (Bayswater)

Visited it the last time with my brother back in February! We ordered the sweet roasted pork (charsiew) which was really soft and succulent. My brother had a craving for Beijing roast duck, so we ordered that as well. It comes with the duck skin, and you wrap it up in a pancake with cucumber slivers, sweet sauce, and meat. Nothing compared to those I have had before though, I still prefer the Hong Kong roasted duck.

Sanxia Renjia (Goodge Street)

Roasted duck and roasted pork rice! The sauce is really salty, but the roast was done very well! The skins were all crispy, while retaining the juiciness of the meats.

Four Seasons (Leicester Square)

Visited this outlet recently with my parents while they were here! My father got really sick of Western food, especially potatoes, and we headed down to fix his craving for rice and try the famous roasted duck! I guess what is nice about the duck is that it is really juicy but it is oily as well. The charsiew was a little dry this time but the roasted pork was excellent! All the vegetables were very fresh and crunchy, definitely on par with the ones we can find back in Singapore. The fried beehoon was a little strange though, they added curry powder to it! It was rather oily as well.

Mandarin Kitchens (Bayswater)

I visited this place twice, first with my friends Charm and Martin, and the second time with my parents because I had to have their lobster noodles again!! These photos are from my first visit. We ordered lobster noodles, baby kailan and claypot beef. The claypot beef was too soft to be true and I believe they added meat tenderizer to it. But still so yummy. The lobster noodles were mmmmmmmmmm. Yum.

Hence, the second visit! I really wanted to let my parents try the lobster noodles so we headed there after a long long day at Windsor Castle. I didn’t realize how much I made them walk around London, should have spared a bit more thought for them. I guess by now I am used to it? The distances that I walk whilst in Europe could probably bring me from home to town, thats how far I would walk! Sometimes to save money, sometimes to explore and sometimes just for the sake of it. Wonder if I would keep that up in Singapore.

Anyway back to the food. This time we ordered wanton soup, spring rolls, baby kailan, sweet and sour pork and lobster noodles! For some reason, the noodles tasted better on the first visit. The gravy isn’t too salty, the lobster is fresh and the noodles are well cooked! So yummy. The sweet and sour pork was a little too heavy on the taste, whereas the spring roll was way too oily. The vegetables are still good though, very crunchy.

Even with such a great variety of Chinese food available in London, I still miss food back in Singapore. I miss minced meat noodles, LaoBan soya bean curd, oyster omelette, and chicken rice. I miss my dad’s Hokkien Mee, I used to eat it at least once every week. And I miss my mom’s cooking. She uses just the right amount of seasonings and salt, as little as she can to remain healthy and retain taste. She uses the best ingredients and she spends a hell lot of effort and time making them taste like home. And I miss her soups the most, haven’t had a good nutritious soup in ages. At the end, home is still the place to be.


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