Ramble and Babble.

I’m in Zurich right now. We have a family suite so I am enjoying the solace of a separate corner all to myself. At least I might be able to sleep past the formidable snore orchestra my parents form.

It’s the last day of our holiday together, and tomorrow, my parents and I part ways; I would be heading off to Austria, the beginning of my Eastern Europe trip and my parents would be heading down to Geneva to visit my brother. I would be sad to part with them. My parents are really good traveling company, at least for me. They let me do my thing, visit the attractions I want, and don’t mind just walking around aimlessly, soaking up the atmosphere. They don’t mind that I walk far ahead or far behind by myself, as long as I am still within sight; they know me well enough not to be alarmed or offended. They are game for anything most of the time and try their best to keep up despite it being rather obvious that their age is catching up on them. But I love how my mom acts like a mother hen, and I like how she clucks over me because it is a very nice change after months of being independent. I like the way my dad refuses to let us handle anything heavy, and shows his concern for me in his blundering careless ways.

Along the way, tempers have flared and we were all impatient at some time. But these two have mellowed from how I remembered. It is bittersweet in the way; they are very much more laidback and relaxed now, which is good, but the change is disconcerting to me as to how fast time flies by. The last time I looked back, my aunts were getting married and we were fussing over what to wear. Now when I look up, my cousin is getting married, I am turning 21 in a few months and my parents are turning half a century old this year. And I thought turning 20 was fast enough.

My mom often says I take things, take life too seriously, that I should learn to let go and I would be a much happier person. But I guess, I just don’t know how to. And because of that, there is a ton of unexplained and unnecessary self inflicted misery. Because of that, I probably caused a lot of unhappiness to the people around me as well, some of it I do not even know. Sometimes I want to talk about it, but then I realize people probably don’t care so there’s no point. Those I actually confide in deride my dilemma, I wish I could become brave enough not to care at all, but sometimes true nonchalance really isn’t easy to come by.

2nd of April is already drawing to an end, and I am in the final third of my student exchange in Europe. I am looking forward to the month in May immensely, when the temperatures stop fluctuating, school finally ends, and I break out the skirts and shorts to welcome the sun back on my limbs. So many things I plan to do; lazing on the grass at some random park, reading with a straw hat and sunnies, dye my hair some radical color, wear everything in every possible way, try new styles I would never dare to try back home, sit and sip different teas in a cafe, crash markets and buy uniques, watch a movie, watch a movie alone, explore stranger parts of London, travel for fresh groceries and better my culinary skills, and count down to 3rd June. Just two more months, and we have the world to ourselves.

Quite a few paragraphs of incoherent rambling! Posts are going to be irregular as well, cause I would be on the go till the end of April and stable wifi is a rarity. Lots of backlog photographs to catch up on when I get back!! My parents’ stay in London, my second visit to Paris, charming Germany, my short stay in Zurich and my adventures in Innsbruck, Salzburg, Vienna, Budapest, Krakow, Warsaw, Prague, Berlin, and Copenhagen. Nervous that things might go wrong during this entire trip, factoring in all possible delays and problems, but excited to visit places I have heard of since I was tiny. Here’s to an ever exciting April, and for my dearests who are faced with hell month back in Singapore, summer holidays and three months of holidays beckon!



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