Photo Diary: Cheddar Gorge.

First thing that greeted us when we stopped at Cheddar Gorge; an adorable toy shop!
Sweetest softest bunny hand towel!
Curious looking bear!
One of the caves that were still opened when we reached!

How cheddar cheese used to be stored in the caves, which were a perfect storage point due to the ever constant temperature of 11 degrees.

Vegetation that was never there before humans moved into the cave and installed artificial lighting.
This creeps me out to no bounds. Doesn't it look like a gooey icky mess? When actually its solid rock. Looks like some Alien v Predator mess.

Discovered the most awesome snack ever! FUDGE.
All the different flavors; my favorite is Lemon Meringue, it has bits of crunchy meringue inside. Butterscotch is fantastic as well. Warning though, it is VERY sweet. But so sinful. Its like soft sweet caramel.
Best when its freshly made, and eaten on the very day! When its still all soft and gooey.

This little ledge was an ass to climb. And it was the highest we went! Wasn't wearing proper shoes for climbing gorges at all.

After that we headed off to Bristol, where we stayed the night! Photos of that up next.

Anyway, I just reached Paris! Sorry for the stall in posts recently, have been showing my parents around and that drains most of my energy for the day. Today is the first day of my month long Europe trip! There was already a kink in the plans when I stepped into the St. Pancras gate; I left my entire folio of documents back in my hostel room. Thank god I brought my passport separately, and all I had to do was to print out my train ticket for Austria once more. But it definitely left me shaken; I hate feeling unprepared and flustered for anything. For the entire week I’ve been so preoccupied with everything that’s been happening that I could not focus whilst packing. The fact that I was leaving for my Easter trip was really not sinking in, even till now. Time really flies! And I am glad it is, I can’t wait for June 3rd.

Back in Paris now! The next time I am back it would be spectacular. Oh and temperatures are so warm now, the weather is glorious to say the least. Temperatures ranging between 8 to 20 nowadays, warm enough not to wear a coat, but cool enough to layer up. Loving it! Hope to see some flowers in full bloom around the city. Off early tomorrow morning to tour Paris with my parents, and eat yummy Paris food. Best part about France imo, the delicious food!


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