Photo Diary: White Cliffs and Brighton Pier.

Town of Dover through the windows.
Up the cliff we went to the wind swept trees.
Adorable sign. We did see quite a couple of dogs lumbering around. They don't seem to be bothered by the wind at all.
View of the pier from the White Cliffs.
Just a few days back, a huge chunk of the cliff collapsed into a pile of rubble. Apparently the wind, rain and chill from February has soaked through the chalk of the cliffs and weakened it, eventually resulting in it collapsing. Hence, visitors are always warned about standing too close to the cliff. Oh and those black bits you see on your screen aren't bits of dust; they're seagulls.
The road less taken.

Dotted with streams of lights, gleaming across the night sky, drawing every other eye towards it. Brighton Pier was quite a sight to behold. Reminds me a little of US’s seaside towns! With food stalls, booths, a lighted boardwalk, arcade, and rides.


Standing on the boardwalk with the pebble beach beneath.

This really cracked me up. So as long as I can convince the management that I am on holiday, I get to go into the arcade! -Puss in boots- eyes.

Best Fish and Chips ever. Even better than the one at Tower Bridge. The serving was huge though but I was so tempted to finish everything and implode from fishy happiness.

Brighton, I will see you in the summer again.


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