Photo Diary: Shop, eat, sleep in Dublin.

View out of the sitting room in the Bed&Breakfast we stayed at. We arrived on a rainy morning, as are other Irish mornings.
A fireplace with no fire just doesn't make sense. I wish I had a fireplace! It makes everything so much cozier.
Our arrival area and my enormous spectacles that drew quite a number of stares.
We stayed at Adelphi Hostel/BnB/Hotel. They have a variety of names. Although it was in a very good location, I did not think that the service was very good. Despite reassuring us that our rooms would be cleaned, all the cleaning staff did was to arrange our sheets. They did not change our towels or even wash the toilet! And most of the stuff had little or no knowledge about the attractions or areas in Dublin, or were too unhelpful to approach. They did help us book our Northern Ireland tour though.
Our room; there are two single beds behind me, one is a makeshift. Despite saying that there is free wifi in every room, the connection in our room is so bad that the page disconnects itself before it can load.
Where we have our breakfasts.
Slice of something that was hard, cold and tasteless. They put a coffee machine with a sign that says, do not use. The waitress offered us two choices; intercontinental or full irish breakfast. The intercontinental comes with cereal and toast. The full irish comes with the full irish breakfast you would see below which has toast. And you can help yourself to the cereal. Doesn't make sense.
Cocoa pops!
Our tea pot, milk jug and sugar bowl.
The full irish breakfast, which essentially is the full english breakfast, with toast, baked beans, sunny side up, sausages and bacon.
Our first meal in Dublin! We asked the Adelphi people whether there was a good restaurant that serves authentic Irish food nearby and he directed us here.
Apparently having won quite a number of awards!
Interesting decor of the restaurant. Felt like an old rickety pub, which plays Irish music in the background.

Potato and Leek soup!

Caesar salad

Foie Gras and Liver pate.

Served with toasted bruschetta! It’s like butter, but way denser and stronger in flavor. Me likey.

Pris’s steak which was way overdone.

My battered cod and chips! Very fresh. There is a very funny green paste, which is probably avocado but I wouldn’t be too sure.

Bangers and Mash! Irish food is essentially very much like British food.

For one of our dinners, we went to a traditional Irish pub. It was quite intimidating though, when we walked in, all eyes turned to stare at us and the pub sorta fell quiet. The table next to us kept staring, listening to our conversations, as if they were surprised to hear us speak a language so familiar to their ears. We were after all the only Asians in the vicinity.

My chicken, stuffed with herbs and with a side of potatoes.

Sze Sian’s stout and beef pie! The beef was fantastic.

Kenneth’s steak burger; just like any ordinary burger.

Our hot wings that came with cream cheese sauce. So so good.

Pris’s braised beef with onions! Extremely soft and tender.

Our final meal in Ireland; the city’s best fish and chips (or so the sign says).

Finally wearing something that is somewhat similar to what I would wear back home. Love slouchy basic tops.

Battered cod, once again! It was a tad too oily, but I loved the chips. Potato madness.

A small bakery down the road from where we stayed. I had their jam donuts. Not fantastic, but too pretty to resist.

My first Chinese takeaway dinner in a paper box! Reminds me of Friends, and all other American serials.

The noodles were way too oily but the chili was to die for. The duck was yums too!

On the final day, we were pondering on whether to spend our last few hours in Dublin touring the leprechaun museum or the famous prison. But we decided to go shopping, and I was in a spending mood! Spent 80 euros that very afternoon alone. It felt good, but not so good after I tried squeezing everything into my luggage and almost got caught by the Ryanair dragon lady for oversized luggage.

A cute tea place we stopped at during our walking tour. I bought a pecan tart and a cup of Sangria tea. Burnt myself, no doubt. Oh and thats when I had my first proper conversation with Claudia and her friend! We shared a table, and we both ordered Sangria.

Postcards to loved ones back home.

And thats the end of the Dublin chronicles.

There has been quite an inertia to blog recently. Probably due to the general lazy dust that has settled all over me this week, or that WordPress keeps screwing up, or that I have quite a handful of assignments, or that I have been a little down. Pick one, or all.

Sometimes I am a bit cautious or paranoid about what I post here because I have no idea who is reading it. Some words, I do not intend for anyone but some to hear. But it has been the only way my friends have been keeping track of my life so I guess you win some you lose some. Many thanks to the dear ones, who gave their words of support.

Heading for another road trip tomorrow, this time to Stonehenge, Bristol and Bath. The weather has not been warming up as I hoped and I’ve been turning back to my coats more often than not. Will brave the winds this weekend, hopefully I do not return a sniffly mess.


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