Photo Diary: My stay in Sweden.

The view from our window.
Our extremely messy room; mine is the bottom bunk bed! You can see my socks drying on the ladder rungs.
Wide selection of candy at the supermarket; we bought about 5kg of chocolates in total.
Stocking up on food for our meals during our stay in Abisko! (I lost those earmuffs, sadly.)

Two dogs, riding on a cart led by a snowmobile, like bosses.
First drink in Abisko!
Salad; greens, corn, tomatoes, dressing and a Swedish cracker.
Burger that the guys ordered.
My steak, with herb butter, chips and bearnaise sauce.
Time for breakfast!
Not too bad, but lacking some of that IKEA sauce.
Fluffy scrambled eggs!
And for some fibre, to aid in our bowel systems.
Braving the cold in our slippers! (We ran out just for the photo, and escaped back in right after.
Very yummy cheese broccoli!
Mashed potatoes with bacon, cheese and herbs.
Reindeer meat... tasted like beef.
Moose meat... tasted like beef.
Our final meal in Abisko.
Leaving Abisko~
Our shadows in the twilight.
Goodbye (That is the name of our hostel!)

At this point, we embarked upon the final leg of our journey that was exciting to say the least. Our train was delayed by 4 hours, and we missed our Stockholm city tour as well as our bus back to the airport. We ended up reaching Central Stockholm at 4.30, leaving us an hour and fifteen minutes to get to Skavsta airport, which is about an hour and a half away. We hopped onto a cab and hurtled down the highway towards the airport, in order to catch our flight back home. Sadly, we missed it by 15 minutes, had to pay for the next earliest flight back to London and stayed at the nearby airport hotel for the night. We did have a nice dinner though.

Industrial concept for a hotel, just like everything else in Sweden.
My lamb chop!

And then we turned in, woke up in the wee hours of the morning and caught an early flight back to London where I stumbled back into an empty room with dying flowers and a visible armchair.

As my stay in Sweden was relatively short and rushed, I can’t comment much about it. Half the time was spent on trains, traveling and rushing from places to places so we did not miss our transports. If I had the chance, I would definitely visit one more time, covering different places in a slow and steady pace. During the winter, delays are inevitable and I guess we are lucky we did not get caught for days. The people are generally very friendly and helpful, save for a few of the airport staff. They would go out of their way to help you, and it is rather heartwarming. Be warned though, the standard of living in Sweden is very high, hence the prices of everything in general would be higher than usual. Even higher than that of London. The food is not the best cuisine I’ve had, but definitely edible! If you intend to visit Abisko, do drop by Norway, as it is just a few hours of train away.

I learnt a lot from this trip, and had fun despite the ups and downs. You would always meet with obstacles along the way, but they should never come between you and your holiday. Never forget to have fun, even with shit hurling in every direction!

And that is the end of the Sweden photographs. Next up would be Dublin, Ireland, and Northern Ireland! I would be headed up to Dover and Brighton tomorrow for a road trip, so many more photographs to come!




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