Photo Diary: Journey through and to the Swedish countryside.

On our way to Kiruna and Abisko.
Our lodging for the 16 hour train ride.
Hot dogs from IKEA, for dinner! Due to the train delays, the train company offered free beverages and meals on board. That coupled with the food we bought resulted in an excessive supply of food.
All 6 of us in one tiny space; we basically slept through the entire journey.
Makes me feel like a sardine.
Our train was delayed for 3 hours, and we had to skip our visit to the Ice Hotel and head straight to Abisko.
Stop over at Boden, where we took another train to Kiruna/Abisko. Weather conditions were so bad that engines for the direct trains were unable to sustain the entire journey, and transfers were required.

Boden Train station.
A dog shivering in the cold. In Sweden, it was almost always snowing. Flakes would always be drifting lazily down, adding a fresh coat of white across the landscape every morning.
Snowy scapes hurling past our train window; endless terrain of snow capped coniferous forests.
Passing by Kiruna C Station.
Lots of the train passengers alighted at Kiruna. It is more tourist oriented than Abisko, where we were headed to.
Our source of entertainment on the second leg of our journey to Abisko.
And we finally reach Abisko!
Six weary but excited travelers! As there are two stops in Abisko, we got off at the wrong stop and had to get the dude from our hostel come and pick us up, saving us from a 2km walk in the cold.
Signs in the tiny town of Abisko; resident count 150.
Gorgeous landscape all way round.

More photos of the Swedish countryside to come! Some of the photos from my posts on Sweden are taken from a few of my friends on the trip with me, namely Priscilla and Glenn. Sometimes, my fingers just wouldn’t function in the cold. My next few posts would be solely focused upon Abisko, the tiny town we stayed at. The serenity, peace and beauty is truly remarkable, unlike any I have ever seen before. There is so much snow that it ceases to be a hassle anymore as it becomes part of your daily routine and regime to live with it. And I do love snow so very much.

Amazingly, I survived the cold! We managed to dodge the chilly weekend, which was the week before we arrived when there was an ice blast across the whole of Europe. Temperatures plunged till -35 degrees celsius, and trains were delayed for more than 24 hours. We were considered lucky, but still not lucky enough. It was around -15degrees during the time we were there and apart from my toes and hands, I was rather warm. Despite my attempts to bless them and wearing all the socks I brought at one go, they were still suffering from the brunt of the chill. And my gloves were pretty much useless. Oh well! At least now I am back in London, and slowly stepping my way back to Spring, warmth, short sleeves, and lesser layers!


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