Photo Diary: Stockholm and IKEA

Snow; a commodity in Sweden, the source of all trouble and something I will never get sick of.

Sweden! The most exhilarating and tiring trip of my entire stay in Europe so far. We should have known the minute we entered Swedish territory, that we were about to meet a bout of delays and bad weather. Our plane was redirected to Norrköping airport instead of Skavsta airport, as the latter was closed due to bad weather. Our plane skidded onto a runway, freshly shoveled and surrounded by thick snow. We walked on the runway, queued to go through customs in the snow, and took a long bus ride to Skavsta, where we spent the night sleeping on plastic chairs and staring out at the blizzard.

Weary but excited to finally reach Skavsta.
Early morning; excitedly trudging through the thick snow I never got to see in iceland.
Snow lined trees; making bare tree silhouettes even more enticing.
Central Station in Stockholm; where we took all trains.
Waiting for our shuttle bus to IKEA.
Located with other mega-marts, very much like the Courts/Giant/IKEA megamart area back in Singapore.
I used to pronounced it as e-ki-ah, then someone corrected me to e-kay-ah, and it turns out to be i-key-ah.
All bleary eyed from lack of sleep. For the entire day, whenever I found a chance to sit, I would doze off. In an instant.
Geographers! And I couldn't stop myself from messing up neat patches of snow.
One of the many emoticons I drew on the snow.
Looks just about the same as any other IKEA.
And we must have the IKEA meatballs. Very nice! Can't taste the difference.
Pork chop, with fries, salsa and bearnaise sauce. It was rather nice, just that the pork chop was a tad dry.
Breaded fish, carrots and mash. It was a tad too fishy for me.
Chocolate mousse! Mediocre.
Apple juice!

Food in IKEA was generally cheap (I ordered pork chop, chocolate mousse and apple juice, and shared 16 meatballs with Pris and only paid about 18sgd.) as compared to the rest of Sweden. The food is nothing much to shout about, but its IKEA comfort food anyhow!

As we were about to embark upon our 16 hour train ride, we decided to head to a nearby supermart to stock up on food supplies.

I was way too lazy to walk, after a long day of lugging my baggage around everywhere we went.

After that, we headed back to Central Stockholm, took a shower at the Central Station as we all smelt rather stale, and off to Abisko we went, all excited for more snow, Northern Lights and dog sledding!


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