Brother’s first meal in London.

Well, technically it isn’t his first meal, as we grabbed a bunch of burgers and fries from Macdees after our train ride from Paris on the first night. But fast food isn’t normal food, and this is his first proper meal in London! We were walking through Soho, and he was hungry (as usual), so we entered a cute little cafe that was serving Sunday brunch.

He ordered the English breakfast, which has the works as you can see, and a cup of hot chocolate. I ordered the tea set, with English breakfast tea and the world’s largest scone. It is bigger than my palm, which is really impressive for morning pastry.

You can’t really go wrong with English breakfast, nor can you go very right. I am not a very big fan of it, because I prefer my food in a much messier form. Think melting oozing cheese, bursting sausages and runny yolks.

My scone was sliced into half and toasted to crisp perfection. There was a tiny tub of clotted cream and jam available. I could not even finish the entire pastry, despite it being rather delicious. The exterior is crisp, whereas the interior is moist and chewy. There are bits of raisins embedded in it, adding a sweetness to it. The clotted cream was so dense, its almost like butter.

Both my brother and I prefer hot chocolates in Paris, as opposed to those in UK. It is much creamier in UK, they probably add more creamer or whipped milk. Anyhow, I prefer the richness of the hot chocolates in Paris, as I am quite a chocoholic!

My brother stayed with me for about 18 days, including the time we spent in Iceland. I left for Sweden a day before he left for Geneva, where he is spending the next few months on exchange just like I am in London. Despite whining about how messy the room is when he is around, how he snores at night, how he has an insatiable appetite and is literally eating my wallet away, how he doesn’t wash up after meals, how he complains about the cold, and how he leaps into my bed at the slightest chance, I kinda miss having him hovering over my shoulder, watching me read his blog. It was a recipe headed for disaster, placing both of us in a tiny enclosed space for so many days, but I am glad we survived it! We literally had each other for company almost 24 hours a day, and given how we both like our solitude, it is amazing we made it out alive. If you asked me a few years or months back whether I would be able to spend close to a month alone with my brother, I would probably say no, but we have really come a long way as siblings. Can’t say I was not pleased to be back in an empty spacious room after Sweden, where I can finally see my armchair, use my bathrobe and skype my boyfriend in peace. But I do miss having him around in a very strange way.

So hello, I know you are reading this, stop gloating! Glad you are enjoying life in Geneva, and living your time in Europe just the way you envisioned it. Do take care and not fall sick anymore! Eat more and gain fat too. Let me know if you need me to send saline solution over. Don’t forget to save for my birthday present! With love, your sister.


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  1. nictan says:

    I hereby declare this, the Best Post of the Blog.

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