Photo Diary: Food in Iceland

Our hotel buffet breakfast every morning; cheese, cold hams and salami, boiled eggs, fruits, tomatoes and cucumbers. Reminds me of the breakfasts in Turkey.
Olive oils and vinaigrettes for your bread.
Cereals and oats with fresh milk.
Ingredients for a hearty sandwich.
Oats, raisins, fruits, yoghurt, brown sugar clusters and honey.
Chocolate bar we bought to tide us through the sleepy day.
Common chocolate snack found in most Scandinavian countries; my brother and I had a hoot of a time making puns about it. "Daim, its good." Basically, it tastes like a much more cloying Crunch.
Chocolate and nuts covered marshmallows.
Chips we bought, have no idea what the flavors are. The curly ones are nicer, the star shaped ones are rather salty.
First proper meal in Iceland, at a restaurant five minutes away from our hotel.
The menu was thankfully written in both Icelandic and Swedish. It is such a complex language that I have no idea how one begins to learn it.
Comprehensive salad bar! Our orders came with complimentary salads, soups and bread.
Helping ourselves to the bread. He posed for this photo!
Tried a little bit of everything! The greens are really fresh here. There were potato, pasta, and fruit salads as well.
Creamy mushroom soup with soft bread.
My brother's fried chicken with parmesan, sour cream, potatoes and greens.
My catfish, butter rice and greens in tangy sauce. The fish was really fresh, literally melts in your mouth.
On our second visit there, I ordered the roasted lamb with baked potato.
My brother's Surf n Turf; baby lobster with ribeye, done to perfection.
Table setting for our buffet lunch at the geothermal park.
Starters! From the top middle, some funny sweet cake/bread, greens, cold hams, roast meat, potato salad, garnishing peppers, smoked salmon, smoked tuna and some funny pink fish that tastes... weird.
Thick mushroom soup!
Creamy sweet pumpkin soup; reminds me of New Zealand.
Mains! Clockwise from the top right, roast beef with bearnaise sauce, sinful roast pork, seared fish, lamb curry and roasted potatoes.
Look at the roasted pork! It was juicy, crispy and fatty all in one bite.
I swear, there was a loud distinct crunch when I bit into it. But the layer of fat was way too thick, I trimmed it off and ate the crispy skin alone.
Dessert! Clockwise from top right, fruit salad, Daim cake, lemon cheesecake and cream puffs.
Dinner on our second night at an American diner, just further down the road.
Our starters; Grand Sampler platter, that comes with fried cheese sticks...
Hot wings (mild), that tastes fantastic with sour cream.
Magnificent cheese fries, with bacon shavings and sour cream.
And fried chicken tenders.
My main dish; pan seared dory fish, butter rice and cheese fries.
My brother's steak, ribs, onion strings, broccoli and cheese fries. Needless to say, we could not finish our fries.
Daim cake, at the Pearl cafe, during the Grand Excursion tour.
My brother's bacon, cheese and egg sandwich.
Final cappuccino and croissant at the airport before take off.

In general, I think Iceland’s food is fantastic. There isn’t much to choose from, but if you are willing to search and travel, there are plenty of interesting restaurants around. We mostly ate around our hotel (we stayed at Hotel Klettur). The seafood is amazing there, and you can find quite a number of specialized restaurants near the harbor. If you have a chance, do try their local delicacies and national foods, rotten shark meat and ram testicles. They sound very very unappetizing, but both my brother and I were rather keen to try them. Sadly, we could not find any restaurant that sold it and on the third day the weather was too ill to traverse past the warm comforts of our hotel.

Oh and did I mention, the people in Iceland are gorgeous. All of the waitresses that served us were the epitome of icy beauty; blond hair, big blue eyes, very fair skin, waif-like thin, sharp features, tall and leggy. My brother was checking out every one of them. Must be the Icelandic air. Maybe I should have bought a can home.

Thats the last of the Iceland photo diaries! Many more food posts from London, and of course Sweden. So many things to blog about, so little time. I would be leaving for Dublin this Friday, so even more photos! And yes, I have school and assignments as well. Busy bee!


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