Photo Diary: Food in Paris

From a boulanger near our apartment.
Rows of delicious desserts.
Looks so much better than Ferrero Rocher.
One of the most famous patisseries around.
Next morning breakfast: Almond tart from the patisserie mentioned above and cold fresh milk!
Delicious chocolate eclair, also from the patisserie.
The chocolate has a bitterness to it, that I really love.
Dried fruit at a local market that I read about from a link Yujie gave me! It is an authentic French market, where locals bring their shopping carts and queue up for cheese.
And they bring their dogs everywhere. So cute!
French crepe: Nutella and banana
Potato Heaven.
Roasting chickens, that sent wafts of mouthwatering aroma through the market.
Insanely vibrant looking oranges.

Like a giant curry puff, with meats and cheese.
Pretty looking carrot-cousins!
Freshly shucked oysters.

Beautiful flowers; I wonder if it is the air or the soil, but flowers are extraordinary beautiful here.
Look at that color!
Many many pies.
Even when cold, they still taste so so good!
Adorable looking cupcakes.
Tomatos on a vine.
Chocolat Gourmand: A set consisting of a crepe, chocolat chaud, Crème brûlée, a biscuit and an apple pastry.
Where I had my last meal in Paris.

And that concludes the end of my photo diary series for Paris in the winter! Didn’t want to do a full post, because I was afraid of leaving details out. Despite having only been there for 3 days, I visited and saw many spectacular things, all of which are worthy of mentioning. Next up would be Iceland!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ann Jasmine says:

    I love the food in Paris. Never disappoints! Your pictures had me near salivating haha.

    1. voilemyheart says:

      Yes, I do love the food in Paris too! Can’t wait to be back. Any favorite restaurants to recommend?

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