Simply with you.

Long overdue post; one fine day, David and I were supposed to study together at his house. Before that, we went to finalize the booking for our Bintan trip and decided to do some grocery shopping for dinner later that night. Then he had the idea to go for a picnic! And so we did.

Once we reached home, I started deboning the roasted chicken we bought and he started peeling the potatoes and frying them. We heated up the tortilla wraps and made tortillas with roasted chicken, fries, cheese and mayo. We then filled a pitcher full of green tea and took out the grapes we froze earlier in the day. David then fished out a picnic basket he didn’t know he had and we headed off for our picnic at Marina Barrage.

It was a spontaneous outing, but it was an important date for two different things! Firstly, it was my first picnic at Barrage. Secondly, it was a special date for the both of us.

Anyway, he wanted to catch the sunset but we were caught in traffic. Nevertheless, we found a nice spot for our picnic mat and settled down in front of the gorgeous Marina Bay. It really is my favorite part of Singapore. For a while, I just sat there, staring at the lights, the seemingly bustling city yet silent from afar. Then it was time to eat.

After dinner, we just laid there, our hair rustling from the breeze, staring up at the night sky where lighted kites littered the sky. It would have been nice if there were no lights at all; it would have been a dazzling starry scene. But kites were good enough for us, save for a few distractingly bright ones.

After that, we packed up to go for our movie and after our movie, we strolled around post-midnight town and got some Rochor beancurd.

One of our most spontaneous (and successful) dates so far. It was nice because of all the small simple things; deciding what we want to cook, buying groceries, cooking together, carrying a picnic basket and mat whilst holding each other’s hands, admiring the city lights in silence, feeding grapes to each other, lying back on the hard ground, kept warm by each other in the chilly night breeze, packing up after, stealing a kiss before walking back to the car together.

Can’t wait for 3/6/2012.


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