This Way to Cupcake Heaven.

Lola’s cupcakes! Sorry for the rather unsightly photographs. I could hardly wait to try them before I remembered taking photographs. Anyway, LOLA’s CUPCAKES.

The story behind this is rather funny. Pris’s friend told us about this place that sells blow-your-mind red velvet cupcakes and he described it as;”the shopping mall where everyone comes out carrying a yellow plastic bag”. So we skulked around, looking for that shopping mall. However we only chanced upon it while we were shopping along Oxford St and strolled into Selfridges. I saw the colorful sign and eagerly gestured to it at Pris. As we stood marveling at all the different designs and flavors (they are all intricately decorated with glittery toppings that make you think twice about gobbling it up but you will do it anyway), some girl stalked up to the cashier and bought the last two red velvets.


However, the store still had gluten free red velvets! So we bought one red velvet each and I bought an additional rocky road.

I have had red velvet cupcakes before but they never blew me away. But this one… the first bite I went mmmmm. The second bite I went mmmm. The third bite I went mmmmmmmmm… shit I forgot to take a photograph. The cupcake itself is really moist and flavorful. The cream cheese on that red velvet is heaven. I just want to keep taking another bite, and another, and another.

The rocky road was a tad disappointing, but that might be due to the fact that I placed it in the freezer for a day before eating it. The chocolate flavor was not outstanding enough, and apart from the initial marshmallow thrill, there wasn’t anything very wow about it.

Have heard about other cupcake shops! Will try them and compare but I will definitely return to Lola’s very soon! Oh my, I am so going to get fat on this UK trip. Have been eating cakes and cheese and bread and chips and… Sigh.


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