From Zig Markers to Chai Tea

Met up with my high school desk mate for lunch! For the whole of secondary 2, she sat next to me and constantly decorated my arm with her Zig markers. She would color their caps and make little circles that made me look like I have a polka-dotted tattoo sleeve. She would also poke my waist whenever I dozed off for too long and she ran out of arm space to vandalize. Such fond memories.

Anyway, ever since we were 13, she has always been bringing fantastic home made treats to school or gatherings, and telling me about some new delicious thing she made or tried. So when we arranged to meet up, I knew she would bring me to a somewhere that would not disappoint and she sure did. Lantana along Goodge street was crowded for an after lunch hour but we managed to secure seats after 15 minutes of waiting. Despite the rather short menu, I had a hard time deciding what to order because everything sounds fantastic! In the end, we decided to save some room for dessert and order salads.

I ordered the confit chicken salad with chicory, pear and blue cheese dressing. I must say, it was one of the best salads I ever had. The chicken was tender and succulent, the greens were very fresh, the pear offered a refreshing taste and you just can’t go wrong with blue cheese. My chai tea with honey was ordered on a whim, because the waitress was sort of pressuring us to order something and it jumped up at me on the menu. I have never had chai tea before, but this had a very nice milky taste to it. Yum.

Shiru’s smoked trout, new potatoes and cress salad with a horseradish dill dressing and a poached egg was, according to her, very good as well. For me, I dislike smoked fish but I like everything else in the salad! Especially potatoes.

Our desserts; blondie (white chocolate bar), and lemon drizzle cake! The lemon drizzle was amazing (I have a new love for lemon desserts), the icing was not overwhelmingly sweet which deserves a yay. The blondie was a tad sweet, but still very much enjoyable.

We talked for hours, about our lives, London, friends and the past. The feeling of meeting a familiar face, someone you sat next to every single day of the year albeit a long time ago, in an unfamiliar environment is somewhat heartwarming. To hear her talk about her passions, her goals, her aspirations and her love for London and Europe was rather inspirational. My friends are all building their lives around their dreams, and this seems to be inspired by their times in university. It is a tad saddening that my time in Europe is limited by these six months. There really is so much out there, to see, learn and experience. Even if Europe may have a declining economy, one cannot deny the rich heritage and history, the inspiration it serves to an infinite number of dreamers out there.

I met Shiru’s boyfriend, Yago, who joined us after lunch. He is a very pleasant gentleman, and it made me happy seeing my friend so happily in love. It made me miss my very own too. I hope I would be seeing more of her, and more of other familiar faces around town. And of course, I would be seeing more of Lantana.


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