Photo Diary; Bintan

Photos from our post examinations sunny getaway in early December. My first time in Bintan. We basically lazed around for two full days straight and enjoyed it completely. That is the point of a beach holiday isn’t it? To simply lie in the shade, feel the gentle sea breeze, taste the salt on your tongue, feel the sand between your toes, and simply soak in the sun. Woke up specially to watch the sunrise, after a late night in bed watching the Jurassic Park trilogy. Though it was a short two days trip, and occasionally marred with pet peeves of Bintan such as rather bad tasting food and astronomical prices, I thoroughly enjoyed it. One of my favorite beach holidays so far and I would definitely return for those short getaways. Simply can’t wait for our glorious Europe trip, when he can see the world I am seeing right now. Its just different with somebody special.

Posted this out of the blue because we were discussing over dinner how lack of sunlight makes one ill. Strangely, London has been rather bright and sunny for the past few days, despite the drop in temperatures and many other people telling me how it is an utter gloom. Heard the temperatures have rose to an all time high back home, and despite the many layers I have to don every morning, I am a little thankful that I am not in that sweltering heat right now.

All the traveling and romping around for the past few days has gotten me all weary. Shall turn in now!

Oh and Happy Birthday, dear brother.


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  1. nictan says:

    didn’t read this post till now. nice surprise at the end. thanks! 🙂

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