Caramel and Chocolate

Exactly a week ago, I had tea at a cute little cafe called YumChaa, just on the left turning outside Goodge station. Comfy armchairs and wooden tables of all shapes and sizes littered the restaurant, not a single one identical. The meaning of YumChaa is to enjoy tea, and that is exactly what we did. There was a wide array of selections, all with interesting names like Mango Sunrise and Caramel Sweetheart (the one I chose). There was also a range of cakes and pastries available, and for students, any pot of tea and any slice of cake would simply cost you 3pounds!

The chocolate velvet was rather alright, a little too dense but the icing was not cloyingly sweet and added a nice touch to the cake. Perhaps it was due to the sweetness of the cake but I could not really taste my tea. I am eyeing the scones and lemon drizzle cakes, would definitely be back soon to try all of them out!

Oh and I think food names are rather pretty for pets; I can totally imagine naming my future non-existant as of the moment honey colored cat caramel, and my brown naughty kitten choco. Have been watching too many cat videos and I would love having one to snuggle in this cold January night.

I have been posting photos from exactly a week back! Need to catch up a little bit. School week starts tomorrow again… And I have no school on Mondays! So perfect to snore away and sleep in. Goodnight all!


One Comment Add yours

  1. nictan says:

    shit the scones look good. though I’ve never eaten a scone in my life. but damn those i will try

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